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Sand Art is an old new born craft in the Art world

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Sand Gallery is a website run by a group of Sand Artists. Drawing in sand has been a well kept secret across the middle east for hundreds of years. We unlike other artists are now willing to share our skills and knowledge with you. We are now willing to teach other people around the world about the sand art process we will show you how you can draw in sand using only grains of coloured sand You can earn a great living or just have fun amazing your colleagues, family members and friends.  We will also provide you with all the relevant information and resources, e-manuals, example photos, videos, etc. All these items will help you become a Sand Art artist.
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There are less than 400 professional sand artists in the whole of the Globe and only 3 match to our skills what we are revealing in the member zone.  It is extremely rare infact its the only real sand art resources available online so far

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what is actually in the member zone ?


Teaching sand art has been a challenge so I needed to come with a simple solution to make passing my experience an effortless process, it used to take allot of time and effort from both myself and the trainee, until I came up with these simple step by step manuals, I broke down every shape that we draw in sand into a few easy steps, once memorized any sand artist even with a very basic skills can accomplish what the professionals can. Every step is clearly explained and joined with a photo for a clear understanding also I added some videos showing that shape on the make for even better understanding some of the common shapes explained so far in the member zone is the camel the flower the mountings the horse the birds etc.. 


I am always adding to the manuals to enrich members knowledge and style as they go by building up there skills, so having a life time membership is a good option for an ongoing resource long waited for




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