one of Sand Gallery successful experiences is with a group across the occasion in USA


Luc martin group


Luc Martin is an individual who voluntarily dedicated his time to a group of children doing arts and crafts after school. They discovered sand art through our website and wanted to give it a try.

They got so enthused by the experience and what this craft had to offer that they didn't even wait for there starter kit to arrive. They started making their own tools and experimenting with sand art. After one month we started getting great feed back from this group and pictures of their early works.


One of the earliest examples of their work.


Its groups like Luc Martin’s that make our jobs worthwhile in Sand Gallery. Seeing such success and happiness in their work is exactly what we try to deliver through our membership zone and sand art.

They proved once more that this craft doesn't need years of practice, but it does take dedication and it is learnable.




Rosie is 12 and work with the spoon , Lindsey is 8 and work with

both spoon and the long nose funnel


What those guys achieved within a couple of months is really marvelous and a wonderful example for many to examine and follow.



Some of the groups nice results.

Thank you guys,


 and well done!